Yess, well... how to start again. Because I started - but wasn't consistent. 
First things first, clean my room. 
(2 hours later, yes it was such a mess!) 
Ah the dishes are still standing there in the sink, well I can't start with dirty dishes! 
(Few minutes later) 
Now there are no more excuses left I have to start writing en planning. For one thing, I want to explain why I started again and why I really want to go through with it this time around. 

Reason #1
As you might have noticed, I am writing (typing actually) in English. Next schoolyear I am starting with an international semester from my study Communication. My English writing is far from excellent so I want to do and learn via my blog. But that's not the only reason I started again...

Reason #2
It had been a long dream of mine, since I got into fashion (I was about 14 years old when I really discovered it!) to work at a magazine and do someting with what you love. Since I've heard there is a possibility to do an internship at a big Dutch Fasion Magazines like Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and ELLE I do not want anything else anymore. The requirements are actually are that you bring articles to your internship interview. I thought... how can I write articles about fashion? Well the obvious... start a blog! Well here I am :)

Reason #3
Well the last reason is an outlet for my creativity. On the train home sitting and just watching outside I can just write thousends of articles and stories in my head. But I never put it on paper! So now I decided to dedicate myself to this, well not on paper but on the WWW for the whole world to see. 

Now if you have finished reading my plea wich is an accomplishment these days (applause to yourself!) I have a plan to post once a day. Not very much but at first I want to keep it reasonable. Keep it simple! Also please help me improve on my English and do not hesitate to be a grammar nazi. Learn from your mistakes. See, I'm a big fan of quotes as you can see. 

Thank you for reading & till next time!

Love, Lisa

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