There it was... the perfect white-ish blouse. Just hanging there, with behind it a pair of midblue jeans whom went perfectly with it! But it was 90 euros... A price I would normally not go for. But since I got older (turned 20 last month) I tend to go for quality instead of quantity. It works the same as with boys. In your teenage years if you walked behind and you didn't had your first kiss when you where sixteen you tend to go with any guy that gave attention to you. As if now where are so picky and we want mister charming en mister perfect. I guess we need a combination of that - in boys and clothes.

Here I am sweeping a little relationship advice in the making. But as I am typing, it is true. After seeing all those romantic movies we tend to set the bar very high at Channing Tatum level and for the 'taken-ladies' we tend to expect the most romantic things of our boys while we ourselves not even do so.

Pfff... here we went on a little trip outside the box, back to the subject. I went for the 90 euro blouse and I am still so happy with it. It is a perfect basis and the material is so soft. It sits perfectly on my body the way I want to have it. My tip: with your basics, go for quality. Trend pieces: go for stores likes H&M, ZARA and MANGO. They are the perfect stores for your sudden obsession with crop tops. If your are whitin a year sick of it, it's easier to throw it away if it cost you 10 euros rather that if you payed the 90 euro top from Supertrash.

End of the story: I love my blouse

Are you picky with boys? And where are you buying your basics?